How to use a penis pump


The concept of a penis pump is to draw out the erect shape of your penis to its full length using vacuum pressure and allow it to stay there as the erection deflates. They come in different sizes so make sure to choose the right one for your body.

Why use one?

A penis pump is used to increase penis size, for personal pleasure, or to prevent or improve erectile dysfunction. It is a great way to increase the size and firmness of your erection, whatever your age.

They can help achieve a bigger, harder looking erection, and are considered a safer option compared to undergoing male enhancement surgery.

Maintaining good penis health can improve the quality of erections and strengthen orgasms. During masturbation, the sucking sensation can be very pleasurable.

How to use one

It is very important to know how to use a penis pump properly.

  • Apply a water-based lubricant to the opening of the pump.
  • Make sure that your penis is erect and fully inserted within the cavity from base to tip, keeping your testicles outside of the cylinder.
  • Press the base of the pump firmly towards your body.
  • Depending on the type of pump, place your finger over the quick release valve, or twist it shut.
  • Begin to pump slowly.
  • Between each pump, allow your penis to adjust to the changing pressure.
  • Squeeze the bulb for a second or third time until fully erect.
  • Remove your penis and check for discolouration.
  • If everything is fine, massage the shaft and go again if required.
  • Once maximum length met, release the air pressure valve or turn it to open.
  • Remove your penis.

Milking is another way to stimulate the growth process. It speeds up blood circulation while keeping the penis erect, by moving the airtight cylinder up and down gently like masturbation.

What next?

Once finished, your penis will gradually return to its regular size. For longer lasting results, it is suggested that you use it regularly – around 10 minutes a day, pausing to check and massage the penis at 4/5 minute intervals.

Longer term difference varies for each man, but in general, a lasting difference in length and girth will become apparent after about six months.

For your safety & comfort

  • You might need/want to shave around your pubic area, to achieve a good seal at the base of the pump.
  • Occasionally, slight bruising may occur around the base of the pump where it is pressed against the body, but this sensation disappears over time as you get used to it daily.
  • Like any form of activity with a certain health risk, consult a doctor before proceeding.
  • Your doctor may ask you questions about your health such as what medication you take, and any injuries you may have or have had in the past relating to your penis, testicles or prostate.
  • While the sucking sensation might take some getting used to, there should never be any pain or discomfort when using a penis enlarger. If there is, you must stop immediately.
  • If you experience a severe change of colour in your penis, then stop and seek medical help.
  • Read the instructions
  • Over-pumping strains your penis and constricts blood flow around the base, which leads to mishaps.
  • Rushing the process against the instructions will only lead to injury.

P.S: Most men who use penis pumps regularly, experience more pronounced growth in the girth of the penis, but actually most women report this to be more important for sexual stimulation than overall length!